Wooden Flutes by P.G. Bleazey UK
Wooden Flutes, hand made by P.G. Bleazey

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Here are some useful links to related musical and historical sites:

Doug Bleazey
Juggler, Jester, Character Performer and provider of cicus workshops for festivals. Doug is available to work at private parties such as birthdays, themed weddings and those occasions which have no reason but are wonderfull fun for it's own sake. He will also perform at folk festivals, village fetes and corporate events.


Kai Toenjes
Maker of superb stringed instruments. Kai makes violins, bouzoukis and mandolins, his work is unrivaled in my opinion. I met Kai when I was studying at the london furniture college and we became friends and colleagues, learning from each other, as we still do. Kai lives in North Kent with his wife Claire and two beautiful children

Claire Dugue
My favourite hurdy gurdy maker also studied at the furniture college and learned her craft well. Her instruments have a natural beauty all their own and are played by many professional players all over the world as well as by students for whom she makes a first class beginners model. Claire lives in North Kent with Kai, see above!

A.Eric Moulder
Early double reed instruments A. Eric Moulder has been making reproductions of Renaissance double reed woodwind instruments since 1974 and the workshop's philosophy has always been to produce high quality historical instruments that closely mirror the originals. We pride oursleves on the care and attention to detail that we give to the pitch, intonation and finish of the instruments. All the instruments made in the workshop are based upon existing examples in museums but where no original instruments survive, reference has been made to contemporary descriptions.

Brendan White
Mad Irishman with a lovely family whose bodhrans are played by my son Doug and a host of other celebrities worldwide. "I started off as a player more then 38 years ago. I started making them 2 years later.When I met the bodhran it was in trouble and that was accepted. From the non tunable I went on to make a tunable bodhran suggested to me by Donal Lunny it could have been the first ever tuned on the inside. I eventually came up with a tunable system that I still use to-day. Strong, simple, and works very well. The skins I use are the best a goat can provide, they tell there tale in sound."

The wesson accordion co.
Rees Wesson - Mad about Castgnari. Officially recommended by the Castagnari factory as their main UK agent since 1984, I can offer a full guarantee on all new and used instruments. Here you can find an up to date list of current stocks and details of UK festivals where you can visit the stall.

Chris McNeilly
Maker of northumbrian pipes and hurdy gurdies and repairer of all things musical. Chris McNeilly repairs musical instruments: He also makes instruments, specialising in Northumbrian pipes, hurdy-gurdies and components such as chanters and drones. Chris has now been appointed Honorary Local Representative of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music for Folkestone. Contact him for information on local ABRSM matters. He teaches pipes, saxophone and wind instruments up to Grade 8 of the Associated Board.

George Stevens
Maker of lutes guitars and harps

Sean Jones
Bagpipe Maker

Tim. Phillips
Here you will find pictures and details of the instruments that I make and products that I sell. My own instruments include Classic violins and violas, Infidels, Revolins, Acoustic/Electric violins, 5 stringed instruments, my original acoustic Octave violins and Baroque violins. Amongst the range of accessories that I sell are the highly acclaimed carbon fibre CodaBows. Enjoy browsing and viewing my picture gallery and my workshop pictures. If you're not already familiar with my work, I hope you'll enjoy its unique originality!!

Andrew Crawford
Fine decorative boxes custom made for flutes I offer a range of bespoke high quality flute cases for all sorts of instruments from baroque and classical to modern wooden and silver Boehm instruments. Some standard versions of these will eventually be available for ordering online.

Oakwood Instruments
A wonderfull range of beautifully hand made stringed instruments Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have been making hand-crafted instruments for twenty-five years. As a result of our knowledge and experience, we have built a solid reputation, particularly in the folk world. On these pages you'll see what makes us special. Although our approach is traditional, we are continuously researching radical designs and exploring new construction techniques. This means that we can offer you the choice of a wide range of traditional instruments, less common instruments and custom designs.


The Living History Tune Book Series
Music Books by Jane Foster. This series of books is designed to fullfil the needs of those people who are always asking where to find music suitable for different historical periods. It encompasses the main periods covered by re-enactors and living history groups.

Tri Folk
CD's with a booklet, designed to help you learn Traditional tunes and then develop your instrumental skills whilst enjoying playing along to the full band backing tracks


Hilary de Vries
New folk music composer, with a slant towards folk recorder I write new tunes for folk music that draw strongly on my Scottish background, as well as taking in influences from other countries. Aimed at a wide variety of instruments, including fiddle and recorder, the tunes are available as Sheet Music.

Valerie Marshall
The talents of David Marshall live on in these Roman through Tudor period recordings

Band with Richard Goodwin Back in 1992 with the release of the album Splitting the Night they pioneered the use of Jazz-influenced Brass and Woodwind over the more traditional fiddle and melodeon sound, underpinned by a driving bass. Florida don't use and don't need percussion in order to keep the tight rhythm necessary for dancers. The band members are all dancers, and it shows.

Ben Edom.
A super Guitarist 'Hello, Iím a man who plays acoustic guitar with a passion but first and foremost Iím a man, a human. I have feelings the same as you. Iíve travelled the world and met many different people. Iíve loved and lostÖ and loved again. Music is my way of expressing the wonders and challenges of life, itís softness and harshness, itís nurture and itís need. I love life and, like any great love, itís not always easy. Living in the West Highlands of Scotland, I play New Celtic Music that stems from my native roots. ĎNew Celticí because Iíve absorbed and integrated many musical influences and styles from my experiences and travels around the world, gaining in depth and scope without ever forgetting the beauty, power and mystery of our land and its mythical history. So, listen to the MP3 clips of my music, find out more about the album, the guitars or myself. PowPowerful, hand-crafted acoustic guitar music from Scotland's 7-string fingerstyle guitarist.

Mostly wind
Loads of good stuff about flutes from Carole Miller, and some nice dogs & cats!

The New Scorpion Band
with Robert White, who uses my instruments in film scores wow! Robert White studied trumpet at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. From there he went into the world of freelance orchestral, pop and session music. He then studied various ethnic instruments and traditions and now plays and writes music for over 50 instruments in all musical styles.

A nice lady who plays my recorders.

Costume Bands
Costume Bands presents musicians in period costume for every occasion, from concert performance to weddings, ceilidhs, historical banquets, birthday and anniversary parties, fairs, festivals and much more besides. Whether you are looking for a solo instrumentalist, a trio or a seven-piece band your needs will be met at this site. The superbly costumed musicians play a wealth of traditional instruments that include lute, cittern, pipe and tabor, harpsichord, serpent, harp, concertina and hurdy-gurdy. Lively dance tunes, wedding processionals, lusty rounds and tranquil airs... all form part of a repertoire extending from the Mediaeval, Tudor, Stuart and 18th-century eras, to Victorian times. Musicians represented on this site have provided music for film and TV work, as well as sound tracking for BBC radio productions. Here too are links to instrument-makers, costume specialists, educational resources, recordings, places of interest, re-enactors and living history groups.


Baroque flute resources
Good flute info. Here are some handy resoureces for baroque flute players, with emphasis on on-line resources. This page is currently biased toward the USA since that is where I live.

Flutes Are Fun
Flutes and more Flutes Are Fun! is a collection of over 1,000 links of interest to flutists of all ages and ability levels. Here you will find links to help in researching universities, professors of flute, and what the schools have to offer. There are links to all the top flutemakers as well as dealers who sell new and used flutes. There are links to sheetmusic as well as links to many composers. If you are a composer, there are many links that you will find useful as well. You can visit flutists from around the globe, or learn about various traditional flutes from other countries and cultures. I have a calendar of flute events that I try to keep updated every year which includes a lengthy list of summer programs around the world. I appreciate people sending me dates and events to add to the list.

does what it says The primary focus of the woodenflute.com website is simple system wooden flutes with or without keys, which are often referred to as Irish flutes. However, I hope to encourage discussion of wooden BŲhm flutes, renaissance flutes, bamboo flutes, Native American flutes, and all other types of wooden flutes.

Brad Hurley
Wooden Flute Guide This site is a resource for people who are interested in learning Irish music on the fluteóparticularly the simple-system (six-hole) transverse flute, sometimes referred to as the "Irish flute." If you're new to the flute, you may want to begin by reading the For Beginners section, which describes the instrument and provides links to books, instructors, and other resources to help you get started.

The Flow
Gordon Turnbull's discussion of the major styles of traditional flute playing. The Flow is a personal appreciation of traditional Irish flute playing styles and takes its name from a description once given to the style of the late Paddy Carty. The site looks at a number of ways of playing Irish traditional dance music on the flute, what options are available to musicians who wish to play in a traditional manner, some information on flute players and some personal thoughts on playing traditional Irish flute.

What is an Irish Flute?
The history and development of the instrument by Michael Robinson. Is there such a thing as an "Irish flute"? And if there is, where did it come from? The full story leads us to explore a number of historical trends and changes in what is expected from musical instruments. In particular, I've quoted from the noted European conductor and theorist Nikolas Harnoncourt. He states that a particular style of music (Baroque, say, or Irish traditional) functions much as does a language. One component of such a language are the instruments used. In classical music circles, this view is referred to as "historically informed performance".

Irish Music
Irish Music Magazine

Fintan Vallely
Timber - the flute tutor

Superb Irish Flute music


Wallingford Bunkfest
2005 sees the fourth Bunkfest; a very promising event indeed

French festival site listing 120+ instrument makers No one should miss this oppoetunity to try out so many instruments. You need a four day festival to get round them all!

Chippenham Folk Festival
is now in its 36th successful year. Although it has seen many changes since its beginnings in Lacock all those years ago, it still retains its 'village' atmosphere, providing three and a half days packed with song, dance, workshops and dance displays. Over 200 events take place within the town centre, turning the whole town into a giant party. The main ceilidh and concert events take place in the beautiful park alongside the river, while practically every pub and venue in the town is used for a vast range of sessions, workshops and smaller concerts and dances. There is also a full program of childrens events, a large craft marquee, catering facilities and an open air arena in the park. The High Street and historic Market Square are both pedestrianised, and are used throughout the weekend for busking, street theatre and processions. A huge street fair also takes place on the Monday. Chippenham is a small market town on the banks of the river Avon in rural Wiltshire, England, but easily accessible from the M4, Junction 17. It is also on the main railway line between London and the South West of England, which puts it just 75 minutes from London by train. (See In and Around Chippenham for more information about Chippenham and the surrounding area) Camping and caravanning are available to season ticket holders on riverside sites in the centre of the town.
See us there!

Colchester oyster fayre
A nice day out

Otley folk festival
See us there!

Re-enactors Market
Full listing of traders at Anne Lavericks twice yearly markets

Re-enactors Market
Full listing of traders at Anne Lavericks twice yearly markets The Re enactors market is the largest European forum for manufacturers and traders producing goods for re-enactors, historical interpreters and the heritage industry. Markets.

Kerry and Chieftain Irish Low Whistles

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