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A key showing the pad and it's seating. The lambskin pad has a convex surface like your finger, the liner has a narrow seat face to give optimum sealing pressure. The cup of the key is kept as small as possible and the liner is flared out on the inside. This combination gives much reduced impedence to the sound waves as they leave the tone hole. Key pad
Key pad
Key removed
Key removed

View of the tone hole seating and the block liners with the key removed. Note also the white PTFE spring bearing pad.
Bb Key detail
Key detail

View of the Bb key showing the under cut which allows opening of the key without lifting the thumb from the flute body.

A tuning slide before assembly, the raised diamond knurling pattern minimises contact between metal and wood. Combined with a flexible adhesive, this technique produces a very strong joint and reduces the risk of cracking.

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